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Natural Pharma Resource (Natural Pharma) GmbH was founded at the beginning of 2022 and is based in Langenfeld, Germany.

The pharmaceutical and biotechnological company focuses on the import, storage, manufacturing, distribution and export of pharmaceutical products, preparations and substances, in particular medicinal products under the German Medicines Act (AMG) and Cannabis products under the Medical Cannabis Act (MedCanG) for medicinal purposes as well as research and development in this field.

We are licensed pharmaceutical wholesalers according to § 52a of the German Medicines Act (AMG) and have a permit to handle cannabis products according to § 4 of the Medical Cannabis Act (MedCanG).

Our Philosophy

The company philosophy of Natural Pharma is simple. The goal is to provide patients with high quality natural and medicinal products, especially those made from cannabis plants.
Natural Pharma Resource GmbH is committed to selecting manufacturers that take into account important patient welfare criteria in order to provide an additional therapeutic option for patients with previously unsatisfactory therapeutic outcomes.
The company’s own products, partner products and also targeted products of German competitors will be offered via the Natural Pharma sales platform.


Engin Ates was a co-founder of Medical Pharma Resource GmbH. After 4 years, Engin Ates has moved on to start a new challenge with Natural Pharma.

A few words about Engin Ates: He is a founder, CEO, cannabis strategist and visionary with over 20 years of experience from the cannabis segment. He gained his knowledge and experience in USA, Canada, Israel and especially in the Netherlands. In addition, over 12 years of judging at different cannabis events and championships, he gained additional experience in product quality.

We are continuously analysing the major markets and matching the requirements of the respective market.
Good cooperation
We will offer a wide range of products through close cooperation with EU-GMP certified manufacturers.
Quality and Transparency
The production (quality and transparency) of the natural and medicinal products is the main focus for us.
Import of new products for the best possible treatment and therapy results.
Timely availability
Standardised import processes ensure permanent availability.
Covering the Gaps and Demands
Best possible coverage of supply gaps and demands.

The Choice of Partners

EU/GMP and GDP certified partners

We take great care to ensure that our partners share the same views on quality and transparency and that they have all the necessary certifications.
This way, we can guarantee you a secure supply chain.

The main focus areas:

   Production & Processing
      Import & Export
      Primary packaging
      Secondary packaging
White Labelling
   Storage & Packaging
   Marketing & Distribution

Our Business Partners


Become our partner and actively participate with your resources in the German cannabis market. With our in-depth understanding of the German cannabis market and our extensive experience in natural pharma, we provide you with a secure and profitable investment opportunity.
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R & D

R & D Goals

We see great potential in the treatment of various disease symptoms through the current research results on cannabinoids.
Our focus is on the following areas:
Empirical research approach
Effect of medicinal cannabis on various symptoms of disease
Survey of previous patient experiences in Germany with quantitative interviews
– An expert questionnaire for pharmacists on their previous experience and the handling of patients who are prescribed this medicine.
Bio-chemical research
    Effect and cooperation of different messenger substances of cannabis (THC, CBD, Terpenes – Entourage-Effect)
Clinical studies and case reports
On the following web pages you will find clinical studies on cannabis or individual cannabinoids in various diseases and case reports on cannabis use by patients.
You can search by diseases (indications), authors, medication, study design (controlled study, open study, case report, etc.) and other criteria. 

Latest news

Here you can find all the latest news about Natural Pharma and what we are attracting and interested in.
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Marktplatz 1
40764 Langenfeld
Telephone: +49 2173 940 9591
Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 6:30 pm
Friday: 9 am – 2 pm
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