Berlin – Germany, 2023-08-16

Progress in Cannabis Regulation: New Law (CanG) Charts the Course

A significant milestone has been achieved today in the realm of cannabis as the cabinet has approved the “Draft Law on the Controlled Use of Cannabis and Amendments to Other Regulations” (CanG). This groundbreaking draft, based on an innovative two-pillar approach, is set to reshape the industry fundamentally. The reformation aims to regulate cannabis use while ensuring the protection of children and adolescents.

The CanG law includes provisions allowing adult citizens to cultivate up to three cannabis plants for personal use. Additionally, the possession of up to 25 grams of cannabis is decriminalized. Simultaneously, an advertising and sponsorship ban on consumption cannabis and cultivation associations is introduced to bolster youth protection.

Federal Minister of Health, Prof. Karl Lauterbach, emphasized, “The Cannabis Law marks an urgently needed shift in drug policy. Our goal is to curb the black market and decrease consumption rates. Despite legalization, we remain aware that cannabis can be harmful, especially to developing brains. Hence, we are launching an awareness campaign today to educate young people about the risks.”

Federal Minister of Agriculture, Cem Özdemir, added, “This law strikes a balance between individual freedom and public welfare. It grants adults legal access to cannabis while strengthening youth protection. We create secure, controlled, and legal avenues for cannabis consumption, while focusing on prevention and health protection.”

Natural Pharma, known as one of the trailblazers in product quality and transparency within the cannabis industry, welcomes this progressive legislation and is prepared to embrace the ensuing opportunities and challenges. The company remains committed to providing high-quality and safe cannabis products, while upholding the highest standards of compliance and consumer protection.


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Natural Pharma Resource (Natural Pharma) GmbH was founded at the beginning of 2022 and is based in Langenfeld, Germany.

The pharmaceutical and biotechnological company focuses on the import, storage, manufacturing, distribution and export of pharmaceutical products, preparations and substances, in particular medicinal products under the German Medicines Act (AMG), narcotics under the German Narcotics Act (BtMG) and cannabis for medicinal purposes as well as research and development in this field.

We are licensed pharmaceutical wholesalers according to § 52a of the German Medicines Act (AMG) and have a permit to handle narcotics according to § 3 of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BtMG).

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The company philosophy of Natural Pharma is simple. The goal is to provide patients with high quality natural and medicinal products, especially those made from cannabis plants.
Natural Pharma Resource GmbH is committed to selecting manufacturers that take into account important patient welfare criteria in order to provide an additional therapeutic option for patients with previously unsatisfactory therapeutic outcomes.
The company’s own products, partner products and also targeted products of German competitors will be offered via the Natural Pharma sales platform.

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